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At DHI Mortgage, our mission is to help buyers achieve their dreams of homeownership. We also want to educate our customers and provide important information regarding the lending process. Whether you have purchased many properties, or you're a first time buyer - there is always something new to learn in the industry.

Mortgage Portal Quick Reference Guide
This guide will help get you started quickly and easily in our DHI Mortgage Portal.

Loan Process Calendar
Are you wondering how long the mortgage loan process will take? Typically, it takes about 30-60 days but it may vary based on your loan program or any delays in the process. Download this calendar to give you a better idea of the loan process and timeline!

Do's and Don'ts
Get your credit prepared for the loan application process! Download this list of best practices to help make sure your credit is in shape for the application road ahead.

Documents for Application
Download this checklist containing a general list of documents that may be needed for your loan application. Your Mortgage Loan Originator will contact you regarding which specific documents you should submit and may include some documents that are not listed here.

House Hunting Checklist
Are you trying to keep track of all the features and amenities of the different homes you are interested in buying? Download this checklist to simplify and organize your hunt for your dream home.

Credit Tips
We want to help you prepare for successful homeownership today, and the possibilities that come with it tomorrow. Check out these credit tips that can help you!

Incentives to Closing Early in the Month
Though many closings typically occur at the end of the month, there are actually several incentives to closing early in month. From more time to pay to a smoother finish at closing, you will want to keep these incentives in mind when determining your closing date!

Is your Credit Score less than 850?
Whether you’re trying to improve your credit profile, or earn a better rate, we can work with you. Learn more about how we can assist you!

Disaster Recovery Guide
If you are a homeowner living in a potential or declared disaster area download this guide containing information for disaster preparedness and steps to recovery, including who to communicate with about your mortgage, how to navigate the insurance process, and what forms of aid and disaster loans are generally available.

Guía de recuperación de desastres
Si es propietario de una vivienda en un área de desastre potencial o declarada, descargue esta guía que contiene información sobre preparación para desastres y pasos para la recuperación, incluyendo con quién comunicarse sobre su hipoteca, cómo navegar el proceso de seguro y qué formas de ayuda y desastre los préstamos están generalmente disponibles.